'Export' champion 2018

In 2018, Cubicure was delighted to receive two top rankings at the JUNGUNTERNEHMER competition, which is being awarded by the business magazine GEWINN.
With the 1st place in the category 'Export' and 6th place in the overall ranking, they achieved considerable success.

Press release

Gewinn Exportpreis 2019

Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft 2017!

2016 Cubicure was awarded the „MERCUR ´16 in the category Start-Up Star“. And subsequently as „Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft 2017!“ (engl. "Champion. Of Passion 2017!").

Press release Economic Chamber Austria:
Cubicure succeeded in developing new photopolymeric materials for the, at this time, most precise additive manufacturing technology. Furthermore, for using these new materials in the best way, a special 3D-printing process was developed. Parts manufactured this way have all geometric quality features of precision-injection-molded parts. Thus, functional parts for industrial and production applications can be manufactured fast and cost-efficient.
In the past year the Start-up from Vienna was honored for its accomplishments with the Mercur innovation prize in the category Start-up Star Vienna. (WKO)

Mercur ´16

Champion in the categrory "Start-up Star"
Once a year, the Vienna Economic Chamber awards the most innovate companies in Vienna with the MERCUR award. All 106 submitted projects were subjected to a strict jury evaluation of the Institute of Industrial Science.  Cubicure prevailed in the final against 20 other companies and secured the MERCUR Innovation Prize 2016 in the category "Start-up Star Vienna".

Press release Economic Chamber Vienna:
Cubicure GmbH with “Hot Lithography – high-performance polymers for additive manufacturing”.
High-performance materials and composite structures are of high importance for the industry. Cubicure succeeded in developing new photopolymer materials for the currently most precise additive manufacturing technology. Furthermore, for optimum use of these new materials, a special 3D-printing process was developed. The manufactured parts have all geometric quality features of precision-injection-molded parts.
With its developments, Cubicure opened new fields of application for additive manufacturing, enabling new opportunities for industry 4.0. The start-up is a spin-off of the TU Wien. (WKO)

Science to Business (S2B) Award 2015

On May 26th, the non-profit Rudolf Sallinger Fonds awarded the S2B (Science To Business) Award to entrepreneurial scientist for the first time. Additionally, interdisciplinary students teams were honored for their entrepreneurial ideas as part of the Future Founders Challenge.

Aim of this initiative is to anchor entrepreneurship even more in the Austrian higher education landscape and to sustainably strengthen the entrepreneurial spirit, especially among young academics. Crowd voting and the opinions of an expert jury were used to identify the winner team in a process lasting several weeks.

The winning team „Cubicure“ from TU Wien was pleased to receive the S2B prize money of 20,000 euros. “We are developing new polymers for the use in high-end 3D-printing machines. This allows us to extend traditional industrial production methods, such das injection molding, with the unique capabilities of 3D-printing,” said Prof. Dr. Jürgen Stampfl from the Institute for Material Science and Technology of TU Wien. Dipl.-Ing. Robert Gmeiner goes on to explain: “Not only can components with complex geometries be manufactured easier and cheaper, but production advantages can also be achieved through more flexible, tool-less and individualized production.” (APA)