24. May 2017

"Champion. Of Passion 2017!"

Cubicure gets honered

2016 Cubicure was awarded the „MERCUR ´16 in the category Start-Up Star“. And subsequently as „Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft 2017!“ (engl. "Champion. Of Passion 2017!").

Cubicure succeeded in developing new photopolymeric materials for the, at this time, most precise additive manufacturing technology. Furthermore, for using these new materials in the best way, a special 3D-printing process was developed. Parts manufactured this way have all geometric quality features of precision-injection-molded parts. Thus, functional parts for industrial and production applications can be manufactured fast and cost-efficient.
In the past year the Start-up from Vienna was honored for its accomplishments with the Mercur innovation prize in the category Start-up Star Vienna. (WKO)