17. December 2020

Cubicure awarded as one of Austria’s top companies

Top 10 award at the ‘Austria´s Leading Companies (ALC) 2020’ challenge

The ALC award is among the most important business awards in Austria. The award is granted by ‘Die Presse’, ‘KSV1870’ and ‘PwC Österreich’. The participants’ business performance over the last three years represents the database for the award decision.
Cubicure was granted place nine of all companies listed in Vienna – category: up to ten million Euro turnover/year.

Vienna, 17th of December 2020. The Austria’s Leading Companies Award was granted the 22nd time to top companies all over the country. Various businesses of all size have been invited to compete in this important national challenge. The business performance over the last three years was judged as main performance indicator for the ranking. Cubicure could raise additional points due to a favorable TÜV Austria security check.
‘To be listed as one of the top companies in Austria motivates us to a very high degree, especially in these challenging times.’ Robert Gmeiner, CEO of Cubicure is delighted.
Hot Lithography as pioneer technology
‘This award and the business data which stands base for the grant decision are clear indicators for the enormous economic potential of 3D-printing as key technology for digital manufacturing on an industrial level’, means Cubicure’s CFO Clemens Roitner.
Cubicure’s Hot Lithography approach is a successor technology of the original stereolithography or SLA process – historically the first 3D-printing technology which uses liquid resins as raw materials. By introducing special heating and coating technologies, Cubicure was able to get rid of process-related limitations in the printing setup and thus opened the door for new polymer chemistry to be used. In consequence and for the first time, highly accurate parts can be directly printed out of performance polymers.
The company is based in Vienna and is globally active since its foundation in 2015. Cubicure’s customer base is located in Europe, North America and Japan, leading to repeated export rates above 90% during the last years. With such international performance, Cubicure underlines the significant potential of High-Tech ‘made in Austria’ and also supports the international status of Vienna as an important hub for professional research in digital manufacturing technologies.

Kristina Hager
Marketing & Sales Manager
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