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Our product range for industrial production

Cubicure turns visions of the future into productive reality. In addition to precise additive technologies for industrial series production, our focus is primarily on materials for 3D printing. This makes Cubicure your partner for industrial additive manufacturing.

3D printers

Cubicure's Hot Lithography production plants print especially temperature-resistant and tough components.

Benefit from industrial 3D printing with Cubicure's Caligma® and Cerion® 3D printers. Hot Lithography is a groundbreaking technology that brings your value chain to the digital era of manufacturing. Production flexibility in real time entails an enormous increase in efficiency and minimizes costs and risks.


Polymer parts produced with Hot Lithography are practically indistinguishable from injection molded parts.

High-quality materials become high-quality components. Thanks to Hot Lithography, the properties of photopolymers can be tailored to industry needs. This is how flame-resistant components are produced that can withstand ambient conditions of 300 °C for short periods.


Manufacture and clean millions of components every year with Cubicure's cleaning solutions.

Thanks to sophisticated, customized post-processing, Hot Lithography becomes an even more sustainable alternative mode of production. Excess material is simply reused. Automated fine cleaning and drying ensures high safety standards. Let additive manufacturing bring more flexibility to your production and help save costs.


Cubicure Support & Slice (CSS) is your interface between the digital and physical worlds.

Auf der digitalen Ebene entfaltet sich das volle Potential der additiven Fertigung. CSS ist Ihre umfangreiche, plattformunabhängige Softwarelösung für die einfache Produktion von 3D-gedruckten Bauteilen. Das Software-Tool ist für Hot Lithography optimiert und sorgt für höchste Perfektion bei der Maßhaltigkeit Ihrer Bauteile.

Individual research

Enter the world of digital manufacturing now and benefit from the advantages of 3D printing in your production process. We can help you find the right material and process for your applications. With our team at your side, you can tackle even the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Service and training

Cubicure is here to help you along every step of the way. We'll show your team how to get the most out of your Cubicure production plants and materials. From on-site training to detailed documentation to keep you fully informed at all times, you can rely on Cubicure.