3D printing system for prototypes and small batches


Tool-less production of prototypes and small batches

The compact 3D printing system Caligma quickly and precisely produces prototypes and small series made from polymers. Thanks to Hot Lithography, the system processes highly viscous resins, enabling the production of particularly tough and temperature-resistant polymer components. In combination with the 3D printing system Cerion, prototypes can go into series production without any additional effort.

Caligma is a reliable 3D printing system for prototype development and small batch additive manufacturing.

The Caligma 3D printer offers maximum flexibility and precision for your product development and small batch production. Thanks to the patented Hot Lithography technology, high-performance polymers are processed easily and safely.

Technical properties

Build volume

200 x 100 x 285 mm³

Exposure system

Laser Scanning System, 405 nm

Laser spot size

18 µm (FWHM)

Process temperature

up to 100 °C

Medical technology
End products
... and others
Small batches
Industrial series production