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Post Processing

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Light-based 3D printing has never been this efficient

Additively manufacturing and cleaning tens of millions of components every year? An easy task thanks to Cubicure’s industrially scalable post-processing solutions. The right cleaning solutions make Hot Lithography even more efficient and sustainable. Polymer components are produced in industrial batches on a Cerion® 3D printing system and are then cleaned in an individually optimized process. The result: flexible production, low costs and maximum material economy.

Cubicure solutions allow you to work sustainably and save costs.

Sustainable production

Cubicure’s cleaning solutions now make Hot Lithography an even more sustainable alternative mode of production. Excess material can simply be recycled: in a first cleaning step, centrifugal force removes material residue from the building platforms. The spun-off resin is collected in a container and can easily be returned to the printing process.


An energy-efficient cleaning plant further processes the additively manufactured parts. Its ultrasonic function gently cleans even finely structured components. A built-in distillation unit recycles the cleaning agent so that even at very high throughput rates, only a small amount of solvent is required. If necessary, fine cleaning is performed using superheated steam. Finally, the components are dried in a vacuum cycle. The entire automated cleaning process takes place in a closed area, thus ensuring high safety standards for your employees.

Our products

Systemic solutions for
additive manufacturing

Two women operate two Cubicure Cerion® 3D printing systems.

3D printers

Production plants for additive manufacturing

Cubicure's Hot Lithography systems process highly viscous resins. Their special heating mechanism enables the production of particularly temperature-resistant components with long-term durability.

A black, 3D-printed component that is illuminated with blue light from one side.


Photopolymers for industrial 3D printing

Cubicure's customized materials are tailored to their specific applications. Polymer parts made from Cubicure materials are often indistinguishable from injection molded parts.

A screen on an office desk. On the screen, a design drawing of a component that is to be 3D printed. On the right of the image, the head of a person with short hair.


Cubicure Support & Slice for 3D models

Cubicure Support & Slice is a platform-independent software solution that serves as a direct interface between the digital and the physical realm. CSS is suitable for various additive manufacturing processes.