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Individual development of processes and materials

With the right material, you open up entire product segments to the added value of additive, digital and fully flexible manufacturing. The combination of processes and materials is the key to digital manufacturing in the 21st century. Cubicure is your competent partner in additive manufacturing.

Only those who really understand polymers can generate progress in 3D printing.

Individual research

Shape on its own does not fulfill function. In the world of industrial parts and high-quality user products, the used material is crucial. The demands are as manifold as the production environment itself. Cubicure have set themselves the objective to support you in your development and production projects at the best possible rate. Our Hot Lithography technology enables us to easily adapt existing materials or to newly develop raw materials especially for your field of application. In doing so, you receive the usual precision and process reliability of your Cubicure production plant.

Zwei Männer in Laborkitteln und Personenschutzausrüstung stehen in einem in oranges Licht getauchten Labor. Einer von ihnen hält einen geschlossenen Behälter mit einer Flüssigkeit in der Hand. Beide scheinen miteinander zu sprechen.
Ein Mann bedient ein Gerät, das den 3D-Druck von Kunststoffen unterstützt.

Are you searching for additive solutions to overcome demanding production tasks? Then please contact us and clarify the potential of the feasibility of your project with our Cubicure experts.


Besides directly printing on metal surfaces, the combination of production materials and production processes or the pre-assembly of existing parts for the imprint of polymeric structures, perhaps your idea has the potential to significantly widen the application of 3D-printing technology in the production landscape.

Our products

Systemic solutions for
additive manufacturing

A woman stands in front of a row of large machines and checks the quality of 3D printed parts on an enormous building platform.

3D printers

Production plants for additive manufacturing

Cubicure's 3D printing systems process highly viscous resins. Their special heating and coating mechanism enables the production of particularly tough and temperature-resistant components.



Photopolymers for industrial 3D printing

Cubicure's customized materials are tailored to their specific applications. Polymer parts made from Cubicure materials are often indistinguishable from injection molded parts.



Cubicure Support & Slice for 3D models

Cubicure Support & Slice is a platform-independent software solution that serves as a direct interface between the digital and the physical realm. CSS is suitable for various additive manufacturing processes.