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Cubicure's 3D printing plants pave the way for the agile production of the future. Additive manufacturing is an essential building block of fully digital, tool-less manufacturing in your company. In a digitized process chain, you can perform production or product changes at any time - without significant additional costs and in a fraction of the time.

"Cerion® is the essential breakthrough in the industrial upscaling of lithographic printing processes." - Dr. Robert Gmeiner, Managing Director Cubicure GmbH

Print prototypes and small batches with the compact Caligma® system. In the next step, send your prototypes into series production on the large-scale 3D printing plant Cerion®. All Cubicure systems have a wide process window and process the same materials. This means that your functional prototypes can immediately be produced on the Cerion® 3D printing system for industrial series production, without any complications.

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The Caligma® 3D printing system quickly and precisely produces prototypes and small series made from polymers without the need for tools. Thanks to Hot Lithography, the system processes highly viscous resins, enabling the production of particularly tough and temperature-resistant polymer components.

Technical properties

Build volume

200 x 100 x 285 mm³

Exposure system

Laser Scanning System, 405 nm

Laser spot size

18 µm FWHM


The Cerion® production plant enables industrial series printing of polymer parts. With its completely novel printing head, the 3D printing system toollessly builds components in a scalable manner. Each layer is created in less than 90 seconds, regardless of the complexity and number of components.

Technical properties

Build volume

1000 x 280 x 300 mm³

Exposure system

Dynamic DLP, 405 nm

Pixel size

50 x 50 µm²

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