3D printing system for industrial series production


Additive series production of polymer parts

The 3D production plant Cerion® enables the industrial series printing of polymer parts on your production floor. With its completely novel printing technology, the system tool-lessly builds components in a scalable manner. Individual large components and thousands of small parts are printed in consistently high quality. Each layer is created in less than 90 seconds, regardless of the complexity and number of components.

"Cerion® is the essential breakthrough in the industrial upscaling of lithographic printing processes." - Dr. Robert Gmeiner, CEO

In Cerion® printing process, both the material intake and the detaching of printed polymer layers from the carrier film are scalable. Many factors of the building process such as process forces are now decoupled from part geometry and build platform occupancy. Even the width and length of the printing platform no longer have an influence on process performance.

Technical properties

Build volume

1000 x 280 x 300 mm³

Exposure system

Dynamic DLP, 405 nm

Pixel size

50 x 50 µm²

Layer height

25 – 200 µm

Process temperature

up to 100 °C

Material infeed

Barrels, 10 - 50 l
Medical technology
Tool technology
End products
... and others
Small batches
Industrial series production
Individual research

Enter the world of digital manufacturing now and benefit from the advantages of 3D printing in your production process. We can help you find the right material and process for your applications. With our team at your side, you can tackle even the most complex manufacturing challenges.

Service and training

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