INFINAM® FL 6300 L - industrial elastomer

Evonik INFINAM® FL 6300 L powered by Cubicure

This industrially suitable elastomer enables the 3D printing of highly flexible objects with a photopolymer.

Vier unterschiedliche Objekte aus einem lilafarbenen Elastomer vor einem neutralen Hintergrund. Von links nach rechts: ein Rad mit sichtbarer Gitterstruktur, ein gefüllter Quader, ein Würfel mit Gitterstruktur, ein kleiner Bär mit Wabenstruktur.

In Kooperation mit

Das Logo des deutschen Unternehmens Evonik. Die Tagline: "Leading Beyond Chemistry".
Finally highly complex structures can be printed with a rubber-like material. INFINAM® FL 6300 L arose out of a joint innovation project between Cubicure and German specialty chemicals company Evonik. It enables completely new manufacturing possibilities for elastic components such as grips, sealings, or damping and cushioning elements. This material excels in low temperature elasticity and boasts highly dynamic load cycles.

Technical properties

Tensile strength

10 MPa

Young's Modulus

42 MPa

Elongation at break

200 %

Shore hardness A


Glass transition temperature

-31 °C

Water uptake (submerged, 30 days)

 1.6 %

Sporting goods
End products
... and others
Small batches
Industrial series production


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