3D printing company Cubicure receives ISO 9001 certification

Quality management as a solid foundation for business

A large 3D printer with an open door. Yellowish light shines inside and 3D-printed components are visible. A woman lifts a building platform out of the 3D printer and looks at it closely. She has dark skin and dark hair and is wearing safety glasses, a lab coat and protective gloves.
The quality of the components is controlled according to the ISO 9001 standard. The production of photopolymers at Cubicure has been TÜV-certified since 2020.

Vienna, February 22, 2023. 3D printing company Cubicure is now ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 is the international standard for the certification of quality management systems. With this certification, Cubicure has taken another step towards consolidating quality as a fundamental corporate value. In 2020, the company’s Hot Lithography process already obtained a certification by TÜV Austria.

Additive manufacturing according to high quality standards

Compared to other processes, additive manufacturing is a relatively new manufacturing method, especially in the field of industrial series production. By implementing international standards, Cubicure ensures that 3D printing can establish itself as a reliable alternative production method. "Our products are a lever for innovation in fast-moving markets. This requires continuous development of all processes involved," says Dr. Robert Gmeiner, CEO and CTO of Cubicure GmbH.

ISO 9001 for quality management

To achieve certification, Cubicure implemented the ISO 9001 quality management standard across all business areas and went through a rigorous auditing process. Thanks to the implementation of this standard, Cubicure has been able to optimize the value chain and thus accelerate product development. The quality management system will continue to help adapt processes to industry requirements in the future.

Cubicure GmbH develops, produces and distributes industrial 3D printing solutions for polymer parts. With roots in academia and the ambition to help shape the digital future of manufacturing, this Vienna-based company has been setting the course for agile production since 2015. Their Hot Lithography process enables the unprecedented additive manufacturing of resilient high-precision components.