CSS - the new software solution for 3D printing

Software for preparation of printing jobs for additive manufacturing

A laptop stands on a table. Next to it lie several 3D printed components. On the screen: the Cubicure Support & Slice software. A three-dimensional model of a component and its support structures is being shown. The user interface of the CSS software is also visible.
Quickly and easily generate complex support geometries with Cubicure's CSS software.

Vienna, November 5, 2018. At this year’s Formnext trade fair in Frankfurt, Germany, Cubicure is presenting its newly developed and platform-independent software solution for data preparation for additive manufacturing. CSS (Cubicure Support & Slice) software is a comprehensive tool for editing STL-files, generating support geometries und layer-slicing for 3D printers.

With CSS it is now possible to generate, edit and repair 3D models for various additive manufacturing processes as well as to export layer information for the actual 3D-printing process in an easy and reliable way. A user-friendly GUI and an intuitive import function of several surface models as well as data conversion tools facilitate the entry into the software. CSS offers comprehensive features and opportunities, for example manual or automatic generation of support geometries for additive manufacturing processes.

Model modification: A simple task with CSS

Quick operations such as rotate, scale or mirror allow models to be changed or multiplied in an arbitrary way. Clever part positioning can reduce the amount of raw material needed and process throughput can be optimized. CSS offers an additional feature, by hollowing parts faster building cycles and additional material savings can be achieved.

Generating 2D drawings of the actual building envelope enables model identification and manufacturing documentation. “With this software solution Cubicure offers another important product for the additive manufacturing value chain”, said Dr. Robert Gmeiner, CEO of Cubicure GmbH.

Optimized for Hot Lithography

CSS as a software solution is applicable for stereolithography based AMTs (SLA, Hot Lithography, DLP) as well as for powder-based systems. Especially for Cubicure’s Hot Lithography technology predefined parameter settings allow a fast and optimized preparation of printing jobs for Cubicure’s 3D-printing machine Caligma 200.

CSS was developed by Cubicure in collaboration with graphic software provider DeskArtes and is based on 3Data Expert®.

Cubicure GmbH develops, produces and distributes industrial 3D printing solutions for polymer parts. With roots in academia and the ambition to help shape the digital future of manufacturing, this Vienna-based company has been setting the course for agile production since 2015. Their Hot Lithography process enables the unprecedented additive manufacturing of resilient high-precision components.