Cubicure obtains process certificate for Hot Lithography 3D printing process

The certificate issued by TÜV Austria which confirms that Cubicure is certified for the following process: "Additive manufacturing of components (exemplified by specimens) based on filled and unfilled highly viscous photopolymers with specific machine parameters".

Vienna, January 27, 2021. Cubicure is system and solution provider in the field of stereolithographic 3D printing technologies. After 5 years in business, the certification of its innovative AM process is a huge milestone in the still young but very successful company history. With its patented Hot Lithography printing technology, Cubicure opens the door for a broad spectrum of high-performance polymer materials. The internally developed and commercialized material portfolio already enables Cubicure’s customers to use this advantage for their fully digital manufacturing lines.

In Q4 2020, Cubicure took a strict audit which was executed by TÜV Austria with the goal to test the overall quality performance of its Hot Lithography printing process. During this session, auditors investigated Cubicure’s production of photopolymer products, the processing of such materials in the 3D printing machines as well as the internal quality standards of the company.

Continuous improvement and standardization in all company areas

Strict internal and external controls not only guarantee the continuance of high standards but also help to constantly improve product quality and company routines.

In a year-long preparation period, Cubicure was able to optimize its internal processes and further improved product quality. In the auditor’s opinion, all relevant requirements in terms of structured proceedings, constant product- and process improvements as well as the overall quality management systems are well established and based upon up-to-date standards. Consequently, the TÜV-Certificate was granted. This commendation will now be re-audited on a yearly basis, thus continuously guaranteeing highest standards in Cubicure’s Hot Lithography portfolio.

Advantages for Hot Lithography Users

Um die Additiven Fertigung als Werkzeug für die industrielle Serienproduktion von Kunststoffbauteilen etablieren zu können ist es notwendig, dass diese Prozesse eine hohe Zuverlässigkeit und Reproduzierbarkeit aufweisen. Cubicure hat seit der Unternehmensgründung einen starken Fokus auf standardisierbare Prozessabläufe gelegt. Dies betrifft sowohl das additive Fertigungsverfahren als auch die Herstellungsprozesse der verdruckbaren Photopolymersubstanzen. Dadurch ist es heute möglich, die Hot Lithography Technologie für die industrielle Fertigung von Präzisionsteilen in der Klein- und Mittelserie anzuwenden.

"Our goal in certifying our printing processes is driven by our desire to meet highest customer expectations in terms of material and process quality. Furthermore, we see an increasing demand for industrial solutions in purely digital production scenarios. We strongly believe that standardization and certification are key components to meet our goal, to bring Hot Lithography into the digital production centers of the future." Dr. Markus Pfaffinger (COO, Cubicure GmbH).