New material creates digital production alternative for connectors

Connection FR for flame-resistant serial printing of electronic components

Different 3D printed black connectors on a white background. Two cables protrude into the image from the right and from the left.
Connectors made of Connection FR are flame-resistant up to a wall thickness of 1.5 mm.

Vienna, October 13th, 2022. 3D printing company Cubicure launches a novel photopolymer that has been specially developed for the industrial series production of connectors. Connection FR is flame-resistant corresponding to UL94 V-0, contains no halogen and is suited for the additive manufacturing of high-precision electronic components. The material is now available for the Caligma® and Cerion® Hot Lithography platforms.

Flame-resistant series printing of connectors

Connection FR was developed to adhere to the strict practical requirements of the electronics industry. The material achieves a V-0 rating in the UL94 vertical flame test, making it flame-resistant at a wall thickness of 1.5 mm. Components made from Connection FR exhibit well-balanced mechanical properties. A higher elongation at break than comparable fire-resistant materials enables the additive manufacturing of snap and snap-in hooks. With a high dielectric strength and reaching the highest CTI norm of 600 volts in tracking resistance, Connection FR is ideal for the production of insulators. The halogen-free formulation of this high-performance polymer meets the exacting environmental standards of the electronics industry, positioning it as particularly future-proof.

Electronics industry to benefit from additive series production

Lithographic 3D printing offers the greatest cost benefits when printing small, complex components. This makes additive manufacturing an attractive alternative production method for the electronics industry especially. "Last year we went to market with Cerion®, a 3D printing system that enables the additive series production of polymer components in large and very large quantities. In combination with our portfolio of flame-resistant materials, this technology heralds a new era of toolless mass production for electronic components," explains Dr. Markus Kury, COO of Cubicure. Per year, up to 10 million components can be manufactured on a Cerion® system. This way, Connection FR enables the efficient additive series production of high-precision electronic components for the very first time.

Cubicure GmbH develops, produces and distributes industrial 3D printing solutions for polymer parts. With roots in academia and the ambition to help shape the digital future of manufacturing, this Vienna-based company has been setting the course for agile production since 2015. Their Hot Lithography process enables the unprecedented additive manufacturing of resilient high-precision components.