Why additive manufacturing?

Two gloved hands remove a build platform with a variety of printed components from a 3D printing system.

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, offers a number of advantages compared to other manufacturing processes, such as injection molding.

Why is additive manufacturing so crucial for the future of production?

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Rapid prototyping: Thanks to its innovative Hot Lithography process, Cubicure empowers fast development of functional prototypes. Companies can swiftly realize, test, and adapt their ideas without enduring the lengthy delays associated with conventional production methods. Moreover, Cubicure offers large scale production platforms, ensuring seamless intended scalability for customized mass production.

Individualized series production: Our Hot Lithography process chain revolutionizes large-scale production by enabling individualization. Each product can be tailored to meet the end-customer’s unique requirements, all while maintaining the efficiency of machine-based production. This provides a distinct advantage, especially for small series production.

A person places a building platform with 3D printed components in a metal cleaning basket.
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Fast & affordable iterations: Additive manufacturing enables unparalleled flexibility to iterate and adapt designs or explore new, previously unexplored design options. Companies can respond quickly to customer feedback or changes in the industry and continuously improve their products without worrying about tool costs.

Precision and durability in lightweight design: Our innovative materials allow us to craft intricate, lightweight structures that excel in precision and robustness. Crucial for industries like mobility, electronics, aerospace and aviation, where every gram matters.

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Cost-effective and durable: Our 3D printing full solution package ensures low operational costs through enhanced efficiency, material waste reduction, and streamlined production. Our special materials exhibit high flame resistance and resilience, making them ideal for electronics, automotive, aerospace, aviation, and medical technology applications.

Innovating the future of large-scale customization with Cubicure, 

we take pride in delivering high quality, efficiency, and flexibility to our valued customers. efficiency and flexibility.


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