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Hot Lithography allows for the quick production of spare parts in injection molding quality. A comparison: On the right, the additively manufactured component in black, manufactured with Hot Lithography; on the left, the injection-molded component in gray.

Horizon 2020 - Innovation cooperation between Cubicure and Hachtel

Cubicure and Hachtel started a successful cooperation in the field of spare part production and digitalization within the SME Horizon 2020 research and innovation program funded by the European Commission. The main content of this joint project is the rapid manufacturing of spare parts and small series via the Hot Lithography process from Cubicure.

Representatives of Cubicure GmbH accept the 2nd prize of the JUNGUNTERNEHMER competition 2019 on a stage. They hold certificates and a check for the prize money. With them on the stage are two award representatives.

2nd place at the JUNGUNTERNEHMER competition 2019

After the 6th overall ranking in 2018, Dr. Robert Gmeiner and Prof. Jürgen Stampfl, both founders and managing directors of Cubicure GmbH, are enthusiastic about the excellent 2nd place in the overall ranking of the JUNGUNTERNEHMER (YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS) competition 2019.

Various 3D printed components for the electronics industry such as connectors. The parts are made of Evolution FR, a dark orange material.

First flame-retardant material for SLA

UL94 V0-classified materials offer flame retardancy without formation of burning drops. Evolution FR, the new photopolymer by Cubicure, meets these stringent requirements, thus making it worldwide the first SLA material of its kind. This new material for additive manufacturing enables applications in the mobility sector and electronics market.

Dr. Robert Gmeiner, CEO of Cubicure, holds the trophy of the award "Sieger.Aus Leidenschaft. 2019" in his hands. Next to him are representatives of the WKO.

Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft. 2019

Cubicure hat im Jahr 2018 den Jungunternehmer-Wettbewerb des Wirtschaftsmagazins GEWINN in der Kategorie Export gewonnen. Und wurde dafür nachfolgend von der Wirtschaftskammer Österreich mit dem “Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft 2019!” geehrt.

In front of a photo wall, representatives of Cubicure GmbH in formal attire stand together with representatives of the Houskapreis. Dr. Robert Gmeiner holds the Houskapreis 2019 awarded to the company.

Cubicure awarded with the "Research Oscar"

Der von der B&C Privatstiftung gegründete Houskapreis ist der größte private Forschungsförderungspreis in Österreich. Zehn der insgesamt 97 eingereichten Projekte wurden für den Houskapreis 2019 von einer Fachjury nominiert.

Various 3D printed parts made of the material ThermoBlast, placed on a white background.

Revolutionary high-temperature material for additive manufacturing

ThermoBlast is Cubicure’s third material and shows high stiffness, very good flame resistance compared to standard SLA materials and extremely high heat deflection temperature. Cubicure ThermoBlast is the first 3D-printable material, which can withstand operating temperatures up to 300 °C.

A laptop stands on a table. Next to it lie several 3D printed components. On the screen: the Cubicure Support & Slice software. A three-dimensional model of a component and its support structures is being shown. The user interface of the CSS software is also visible.

CSS - the new software solution for 3D printing

Bei der diesjährigen Formnext in Frankfurt präsentiert Cubicure erstmals eine neu entwickelte, plattformunabhängige Softwarelösung für die Datenaufbereitung für die additive Fertigung. Die CSS (Cubicure Support & Slice) – Software ist ein umfangreiches Tool zur Bearbeitung von STL-Dateien, Erzeugung von Supportstrukturen und Generierung von Schichtinformationen für den 3D-Drucker.

Dr. Robert Gmeiner, Geschäftsführer von Cubicure, hält die Trophäe des Preises "Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft. 2017" in seinen Händen. Neben ihm stehen eine Vertreterin und ein Vertreter der WKO.

Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft. 2017

2016 Cubicure was awarded the „MERCUR ´16 in the category Start-Up Star“ and subsequently as „Sieger. Aus Leidenschaft 2017!“ ("Champion. Of Passion 2017!").